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Week by Week Contents

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome

    • A Few Book Keeping Items

  • 2

    Week 1 Purpose, Strengths, & Getting the Ball Rolling

    • Strengths & Positive Psychology

    • The Runaway Horse

    • You Don't Know Your Purpose, Right?

    • VIa Character Strengths

    • Additional Resources: VirtuesClassification-2020

    • Additional Resources: IconsClassification-2020

  • 3

    Week 2 The Gorilla Maker

    • Good ideas, gurus, and why it's hard to get your shit together...

    • Week 2 - Let's GO!

    • The Gorilla Maker

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: Negative Core Beliefs

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: The ABC Model

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: The Thought/Feeling Loop

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: The Default Mode Network

    • Gorilla Maker Components: The Time Traveler

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: The Ego

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: Worst Case Scenario Workout

    • The Gorilla Maker Components: Cognitive Distortions

    • Soak it all in

  • 4

    Week 3 The Things You Tell Yourself

    • Self-Talk

    • The Narrative Voice: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    • Optimism Scale Instructions

    • Optimism Scale

    • The Narrative in Action: Gervais

    • Self 1 & Self 2

    • Why What You Tell Yourself Matters

    • Cutting Anchor

  • 5

    Week 4 Getting Over The Hump

    • Raising Your Sail

    • Precursors to Change

    • The Tipping Point

    • Awareness

    • The ABC Model Part 2

    • Thinking about Elephants

    • The Zig Zag Technique

    • The 90/10 Rule

    • Perspective and 3 Sets of Eyeballs

    • Building New Self-Talk

  • 6

    Week 5 Motivation

    • Self-Determination & The Drive to Thrive

    • Autonomy

    • Competence

    • Relatedness

    • 2 Kinds of Motivation

    • External Motivation

    • Internal Motivation

  • 7

    Week 6 Getting After It: Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting

    • Subway Sandwiches and Getting What You Want

    • Types of Goals

    • Outcome Goals

    • Process Goals

    • Dr. J's Lily Pad Theory

    • The Next Lily Pad

    • The Lily-Pad on Paper

  • 8

    On Toward Your Purpose

    • Living Your Purpose

Get Your Sh*t Together

Connect to the gravitational pull of your purpose

If you're here because you’re kicking the tires of something new, you’re going to like what you find!

Get Your Shit Together (GYST) is a platform for getting more of what you want and breaking out of old habits and patterns that keep you stuck.

GYST is a tongue-in-cheek reference (and something my grandma used to say), to getting what you want.

I take other’s personal success seriously, but my blog and coaching services are loaded with humor. There’s some pretty sound research that suggests humor is where it’s at when priming a person for learning and change.

It’s my mission to help people find peace. I do this by connecting them to the gravitational pull of their purpose.

I'm Dr. J.

I hold a Master's degree in Counseling, and a Doctoral degree in Sport and Performance Psychology. I think of myself, through what I do with my blog, coaching practice, and this online course, as a Mindset Architect. I help you define what you want (believe it or not, people are usually unclear on the specifics of this), then build the skills to get it. 

You will get past the obstacles that keep you stuck and build systems that take you where you want to be. Once you’re there, you build and maintain systems that keep you moving forward.

The self-help movement is full of gurus, good ideas, and aha moments for sure.

Good ideas aren’t the issue, implementation is.

That’s where coaching and this course comes in.

  • Coaching helps you convert good ideas into action.
  • Coaching help you monitor progress toward change.
  • Coaching helps you move past subconscious habits and roadblocks that keep you stuck.
  • Coaching helps you control the voice in your head.
  • Coaching helps you identify, challenge, and change the core beliefs that flavor your inner dialog.

This happens through the arts and sciences of:

  1. Psychology
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  3. Motivation
  4. How people learn

If you're ready to Get Your Shit Together, this course is full of inspiration, education, and direction. It is stout, legit, and contains what I have learned over more that a decade as a therapist and high performance coach.

Dig in and get after it!

Invest in Your Success Now!

For the amount of one face-to-face coaching session, you get the whole course!